Female Farmer Rancher

About Female Farmer Rancher

Fifth generation Rancher/Farmer. Entrepreneur with over 100 head of her own cattle as well as her own farm ground. You can see her on multiple social media platforms creating eye catching content.


Female Farmer Rancher

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Female Farmer Rancher was a social media presence created by Karen a rural Nebraska resident. Her main mission was to change the perspective of the agriculture persona by incorporating a touch of beauty into the industry. Showing you can do all of the dirty work of the industry while having interest in the feminine world.

She incorporates a new look to the ag world by introducing fun glamorous photoshoots while working/owning a farm herself. While being able to pose pretty for a camera having the knowledge and experience of living the ag life.

Her main goal is to empower women in the ag industry to know that you can DO BOTH. In owning sparkly shoes and still own your own cattle.

The ag world hasn’t seen anything like her before only to learn how to embrace the change.

Yours Truly,

Female Farmer Rancher